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Patient Engagement and Personalized Digital Marketing platform for your practice

Physician led movement to grow and promote
the private practice of medicine


PatientMD is dedicated to support all private practices from Primary Care, Specialty
Practices, Direct Primary Care, Concierge Medicine, IPAs….

Physicians in Private Practice

PatientMD helps all forms of private practice of medicine with the services to execute a strategy to compete against hospitals with a pricing model affordable to all types of practices.


A meaningful alternative to fee-for-service billing, based on a monthly, quarterly or annually subscription

Concierge Medicine

An annual retainer fee model for those who want limited patients with better engagement


A network of independent physicians with the purpose of reducing overheads and pursuing business ventures

For Doctors
At PatientMD, we partner with you to grow your practice by incorporating services into your website that your patients desire and in the process:
  • Digitally market your practice and provide price transparency
  • Improve the patient experience and patient engagement
  • Improve practice efficiency and watch your practice grow
Our services to grow and support your practice
PatientMD services are integrated into your web site in order to attract and engage patients, accelerate the growth of your practice and provide you some of the tools to effectively compete.
Appointment Scheduling
Patient MD Community
E - Fax
Digital Marketing
Integrated Website Devlopment
For Healthcare Businesses
PatientMD provides your organization:
  • A digital marketing and Patient engagement platform
  • On-line appointment scheduling for your services
  • A marketplace for your services.
Our services for healthcare businesses
We provide a fully integrated digital marketing platform that is personalized for your organization.
Appointment Scheduling
Digital Marketing
Patient Community
Integrated Website Devlopment
Appointment Scheduling
For Patients
We are dedicated to improving the patient experience by assisting your doctors in providing you valuable services in the management of your health care, access to your records and transparency on the price for services.
  • Providing virtual visits with your doctor
  • On-line clinic and telehealth appointment scheduling
  • Viewing prices for selected healthcare services
  • Avoiding filling out forms with every doctor using your own Personal Health Record
Our services for the patient community
PatientMD and our doctor community are committed on improving the patient experience as we begin to transform healthcare towards a Patient-Centric Value-Based industry.
Appointment Scheduling
Patient MD Community
Messaging and Reminder Services
Appointment Scheduling
For Patients
Engage in Conversations in the PatientMD Community
Join the PatientMD Community and engage in conversations of interest to you with other patients, doctors and the healthcare businesses. If you don’t find the conversation your seeking, start your own conversation. Private conversations with other users are available. To protect your privacy, patient are anonymous and recognized only by their handle name.
  • Engage with other patients and doctors on topics of interests to you!
  • Share your healthcare experiences with others.
  • Share the cost of services to promote price transparency.
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Take your time to browse our latest videos and be updated about different medical conditions for preventing or better managing them.

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