Are you suddenly experiencing high patient surge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and unable to cope? Join us for an affordable platform for telemedicine and house call.

Schedule clinic appointments with doctors of your choice
at your convenience

Select doctors of your choice from a wide range of filters based on :
  • Consultation Fee
  • Proximity from your location
  • Years of experience
  • Languages known
Set Reminders
Easily set reminders on your appointments so they don't get missed.
In case you miss it, no need to worry, you can reschedule it again!
Reschedule Requests
Visited a clinic but the doctor was not available?
Won't happen with PatientMD!
In case your doctor is busy that day, you will receive a reschedule request notification, so that you can reschedule them or cancel if required.
Who is an All-Star?
Want to schedule an appointment based on reviews from patients?
Easily view how many ratings a doctor has received and what has a patient commented about him.
You can also review the different parameters on which the doctor has been rated.
Need a second visit?
If you need to revisit your doctor again,
you can easily do so from your history section.
You can check the available deals to get exciting discounts on your consultation fees.
You can also view the doctor who has referred you.

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