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Tina is a young professional and works in marketing. Her work involves extensive travel and busy schedules and she strives to meet the deadline. Recently, Tina felt that she is feeling fatigued, suffering from weight loss along with irregular menstrual cycles with with pain and cramps.

Recently, Tina felt that she is feeling fatigued, suffering from weight loss along with irregular menstrual cycles with with pain and cramps. Tina had recently moved to Chicago and she was not sure of the reputable doctors and clinics there. While doing a google search for primary care doctors in her locality, she found Patient Care Inc. Since the facility had a lot of positive Google Reviews, she decided to go ahead with this facility.

She visited the clinics website and found out that she can easily book and appointment with the doctor online. The website had other healthcare features like PHR integration, Video consults, Educational videos and many more. These are few of the features which PatientMD provides to ease the patient engagement process of healthcare facilities.

Tina scheduled an appointment online with Dr. Betty Thomas who practices in Patient Care Inc. clinic. The doctor saw her right on time.The doctor ordered a few tests for her including a CBC and additional tests for diabetes and hypertension. This was done with PatientMD’s Laboratory Interface System (LIS).

While Tina was away on a business trip in Connecticut, she made a telemedicine call with Dr. Thomas and her Personal Health Record (PHR) was reviewed. Tina had a detailed discussion with the doctor in a Video and text chat console provided by PatientMD via telemedicine app, or a “Video Visit”. She prescribed some medicines and entered those in the medication section of the PHR. Tina took the medicines for as prescribed but had little improvement in her conditions. Since Tina was suffering from hypothyroidism, Dr. Thomas decided to consult an endocrinologist. Dr. Thomas was in touch with Tina and was regularly assessing her progress online through Tina’s PHR and Electronic Health Records (EHR). At this point, she suggested that Tina may get an USG of her lower abdomen and see an Ob-Gyn specialist.

While still in Connecticut, Tina was referred to Dr. Ramesh Shah who were based in Connecticut. Tina was a bit wary of seeing an unknown doctor without any reference from her friends and family but she found that the patients of Dr. Ramesh Shah had given him high ratings and had good comments. The anonymous commenting system of patients in the platform helps to give unbiased reviews. PatientMD provides a very easy to use referral system for physicians for referring their patients.

Tina met Dr. Shah who ordered her few tests before proceeding for the treatment. She was easily able to book the tests from the Patient Care website’s marketplace feature where she got attractive offers on the tests. PatientMD offers its Marketplace feature to the physicians where there can promote their offers.


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