Are you suddenly experiencing high patient surge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and unable to cope? Join us for an affordable platform for telemedicine and house call.

Communicate with your business representatives securely and share reminders for your tasks.

Your medical mailbox
Now there is no need to check your personal mailbox every time your receive a representative’s mail or when you need to send them emails. We provide you a personalized medical mailbox where the messages sent to or received from can be seen at one place.
If you are a doctor represented by a business, you can access patient PHR to attach required records for consulting or in case you want to refer to other doctor on case to case basis.
WHave a busy schedule and need to be reminded for your tasks? We will do it for you! Set reminders easily in the reminders section that can remind you about your schedules for you to take the necessary action.
You can:
  • -Read the reminders
  • -Create a new one
  • -or edit them
Share Reminder
Want to remind your patient of your scheduled tests? You can now share the vital reminders over your account on social media to a patient or patients you wish to. These will guide you in remembering the important events and activities.
Eliminate the unwanted
Completed your schedule and do not need to be reminded of the same? Delete them. Same for the messages sent, received or the ones in draft. Easily select the multiple messages at once and delete them at your ease.

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