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Rendering Exceptional care: Key to patient satisfaction

Achieving excellent ophthalmic outcomes in terms of patient care is the success indicator of the Ophthalmologists.


Agnes is a 26-year-old lady. She was on a tour when she suddenly experienced a burning sensation in both the eyes, along with a yellowish discharge. Her eyes were sore and red. She was worried as her vision was blurry.

As she was at a new place, so she had no idea about any ophthalmologist around. Then she decided to take help from the internet and quickly performed a Google and Bing search for "Ophthalmologists near me." Magic Eye Care popped up on the top of the search list.

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The Ophthalmologists at Magic Eye Care had an excellent online reputation. Moreover, based on the patient's reviews on the website, it was clear that one can see the doctor within 48 hours. But she was confused about whom to select, so she conducts a search using several filters available. Her search results returned the name of ten doctors that meets her criteria. She can further see the picture of each doctor and select to see the education and reviews from other patients.

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She selects Dr. Sam Ray and schedules the appointment online with him. She also adds her own demographic and insurance details and schedules the appointment. After scheduling the appointment, Agnes immediately gets a text and email confirming the appointment with Dr. Sam Ray.

Agnes is relieved. After receiving confirmation regarding the appointment, a pop up comes up asking her if she would like to complete the office forms before the visit and send them directly to Magic Eye Care to shorten her wait time before she sees the doctor. Agnes fills out all the forms and selects "Send."

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Agnes visits Magic Eye Care the next day. The staff has all her information with the appropriate eligibility and authorizations. Without having to wait, she goes to the examination room. There the doctor goes through the patient history and performs a few examinations. Post examinations, the doctor informs Agnes that she is suffering from conjunctivitis.

The doctor prescribes medications related to conjunctivitis and tells her to inform about the daily progress through messaging. After a day, when waking up from sleep, Agnes noticed a thick yellow discharge in the form of crusts over the eyelashes. She was scared by seeing the thick yellow discharge. So, quickly she sent a video message to the doctor stating her problem. And instantly she got a reply from the doctor.

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During the visit, Agnes was informed by the doctor that she could access her Personal Health Record from anywhere, anytime. She was amazed to know that her PHR is available to her other doctors as well, which eliminates the need for filling or submitting documents for her future appointments with other doctors. All of Agnes's information was HIPAA compliant.

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After a week, Agnes consulted the doctor through e-consult, and the doctor confirmed that she was perfectly alright. Before the e-consult, she received text and email reminders.

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Agnes is relaxed and happy with the whole process !!


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