Are you suddenly experiencing high patient surge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and unable to cope? Join us for an affordable platform for telemedicine and house call.

Customized Website Development For Your Practice Visibility

The Difference Between A Good And Great Website Is Stellar Design
Did you know how much time an average healthcare website has to engage visitors? It is not even three seconds! Whether you wish to custom design a spectacular, fast-loading, HIPAA-compliant, and SEO-optimized website from scratch, or planning to revamp an existing one with a ready-to-use, eye-catching template, our team of front-end and back-end specialists can help you
  • Represent your brand on the web and position your business in a unique way to have a competitive edge over the rest in the market
  • Attract quality web traffic and expand your present patient base to grow your practice and improve your profitability
Engage your patients with an attractive and responsive website.

Our responsive web design methodology ensures that your patients get a seamless experience. The websites we create are not only appealing but also function flawlessly on the biggest desktops to the smallest mobiles. Our highly experienced designers and developers implement only the best practices in the industry for making your healthcare website intuitive, neat, and easy-to-explore for your online prospects. Stay ahead in the SEO game and retain your top rankings on the online search results by choosing a responsive web design for your business portal.

Seamlessly integrate Telemedicine and Clinic appointments into your schedule.
Nearly 80% of patients surveyed would choose a healthcare provider who provides a user-friendly on line scheduling service for booking or rescheduling clinic and/or telemedicine appointments. To improve the patient experience with your practice, we also integrate other features into your website such as a marketplace for your services, PHR for your patients, a messaging module, educational videos and healthcare news section. Collectively, these features allows you to: improve your on line presence, brand your practice and have you stand out from your competitors.
Showcase patient testimonials and reviews for your new and existing patients
Do you know that 68% of patients are influenced by testimonials and reviews? To protect and improve your on line reputation, our team will:
  • Notify patient who schedule on line to post top reviews on your practice.
  • Strategically place on your website patient testimonials and reviews to maximize viewing.
  • Optimize code to display patient testimonials with top star ratings in the search results.
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