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Clinic and Telemedicine
It is very important that your patients get convenient quality care to improve patient satisfaction. PatientMD helps simplify patient’s access to care by providing healthcare businesses the flexibility to deliver high quality care to their patients through online clinic appointments and building a virtual practice platform through the telemedicine feature to connect with their patients via secure video, audio, chat anytime, anywhere.
Marketplace and Business Intelligence
Now its very easy for healthcare businesses to promote their practice and services in an efficient way using our marketplace feature. Here a provider can create and upload special offers on their services and promote it to its desired target market within the desired location. They will receive a complete analytics on the revenue from each of their offers, from multiple locations if posted, which deal is performing most and much more!
Digital marketing
We would provide a customized marketing strategy as per your requirements to accelerate your practice growth. Whether be it patient engagement of making an online presence, we are the one stop solution for all marketing services for healthcare businesses. Few of the marketing services provided are:
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Paid marketing and Campaign management
Integrated Website Development
Your website acts as the face for your practice. This is the place where you communicate your brand, your message, your services and the benefits you provide to your patients. Hence it is very important to have a website which communicates your credibility. We make sure that your website stands out from your competitors and conveys your message effectively. We provide a complete website which is mobile friendly and has an idea load speed. Just let us know your requirements and we will work on the rest!
Artificial Intelligence
AI has started changing the way healthcare industry functions. Machine learning is contributing healthcare in medical imaging, data collection, drug discovery, robotic surgery and many more. We at PatientMD have already mastered one such technology of virtual dermascopy where the machine learning algorithm can detect if the one has skin cancer or not, by processing the user image with the previously trained images. Such apps will be integrated to businesses providing similar services giving them a broader platform for practice growth.
EMR Integration and patient engagement
PatientMD provides a secure cloud based communication platform for healthcare professionals which is:
  • based on the latest technology
  • is easy to use on a smart device
  • has integrated electronic health record
  • helps with practice management
  • boosts patient engagement
Reputation Management and Market Intelligence
Your practice excels at patient care, however you are struggling to develop positive reputation and consistent reviews. Is this situation familiar? This is because unhappy patients are far more likely to write reviews and these negative ones create a wrong perception about your practice. This is where we come in. We provide a system of increasing your online reputation by generating positive reviews along with a business dashboard which will provide in-depth reports on your patients sentiments.