Are you suddenly experiencing high patient surge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and unable to cope? Join us for an affordable platform for telemedicine and house call.
Promote And Grow Your Business In The Most Efficient Way
For Physicians in Private Practice and Healthcare Businesses
supports all forms of private practices, from DPC, Concierge Medicine, Specialists and IPAs, with our affordable platform services to grow and compete in your market. For the business community, we are focused on improving the patient’s experience with your business to increase utilization of your services to grow your business and maximize your revenue.
Primary Care
Imaging Facilities
Physical Therapy
Urgent Care Facilities
Supporting the growth of physician practices and private healthcare businesses
Healthcare has become inefficient and very expensive for our patients. To compete and grow our practices and businesses, we must focus on providing patients services at the best value in a convenient and efficient manner. We are a physician-led organization, PatientMD is dedicated to our physician community and private businesses in delivering a intuitive, easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable patient engagement and digital marketing platform to compete against the inefficient and high-priced competitors.
virtual visit
Virtual Visits with your Doctors on any Device.
online clinic
On-line Clinic and Telemedicine Scheduling.
healthcare services
A vibrant feature-rich Marketplace to list your products and services
A Personal Health Record to Avoid Filling out the same forms with every doctor.
appointment scheduling
Online Appointment Scheduling

Make it convenient for patients to book appointments for your service at any time, anywhere on any device.

  • Providing online scheduling can attract more patients to your business.
  • Offer live virtual visits with patients who schedule an appointment to discuss your services.
  • Manage your online schedule at any time in a simple and efficient way while integrating with your offline scheduling system.

Virtual visits can be a valuable tool prior to patients coming to receive their services in order to improve the patient experience with your business and build customer loyalty.

  • Add Telemedicine visits in deals on our marketplace.
  • Personalize a patients visit with your organization.
  • Differentiate the patient experience from your competitors.
educational videos
Educational Videos

Visual communication is one of the most effective ways of engaging and educating patients about the services you provide. Viewers will rarely forget information that was put across to them in visual forms.

  • Educational videos will enlighten patients on your services and expertise.
  • Personalize the relationship between patients with your business to display your trustworthiness and grow your business.
  • Accelerate patient conversions and increase quality web traffic through video-blogging.
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Jumpstart your marketing strategy with blogs that are unique to your business. We can assist you in marketing your services through blogging to improve your exposure to new patients.

  • Blogging is content marketing which is king to attracting new patients to your business.
  • Improve search engine rankings over your competitors.
  • Blogging can turn you into a thought leader which will attract more patients for your services.
Healthcare News

Keep your patients updated with the latest happenings and achievements in the healthcare industry across the globe.

  • View news on the latest trends, medical services and procedures in the industry.
  • Attract new and existing patients to your website with the latest healthcare news from around the globe.
  • Customize the news on your website and alert patients on new advancements in your field.
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Marketplace And Business Intelligence

List your services on the Marketplace and attract more patients as they search for convenience in the purchase of healthcare services.

  • Create deals and promote them to your desired market amongst all your locations.
  • Receive monthly analytics on deals from all your locations to maximize revenue.
  • With a simple click, you can renew expired deals at any location.
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website development
Integrated Website Development

A website is considered the face of your practice. Communicate your brand, your message, your services, and the benefits you provide to your patient community through a well-developed user-friendly website.

  • Compatible with all of the latest mobile technologies.
  • Reinforce your brand with a quality website.
  • White label our platform services to improve your patient’s experience, attract new patients and increase your profitability.
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digital marketing
Digital Marketing

We design and implement a tailor-made marketing strategy that will promote your services and grow your revenue to new heights. We will work endlessly to be your go-to solution provider for patient engagement solutions and building your online presence.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Development
  • Paid Marketing and Campaign Management
  • Podcast Marketing
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reputation management
Reputation Management And Market Intelligence

Do you know a poor online reputation can adversely affect the growth of your business? Our proactive online reputation management services will monitor your online presence to create a positive impact in the growth of your business.

  • Enhance your online reputation by generating positive reviews.
  • The business dashboard helps to provide in-depth reports on your patient’s sentiments.
  • We provide you with online insights on increasing your brand awareness.
manage business
Managing your Business

Learn how to improve your workflow and automate business processes in an effective and efficient manner and improve the patient experience.

  • Adjust your schedule at any of your locations.
  • You can easily add staff and assign their roles at any location.
  • Assign prices for your services with all appointments to attract new cash paying patients.
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