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Susan, a 45-year-old lady, one day noticed few red colored small flat bumps along with large thick scales scattered on her face, neck, and scalp. As she was staying at a remote place, so visiting the doctor was not possible for her.

She took the help of Google and Bing and found out that Sun Skin Clinic was ranking high in the search engines. She quickly visited their website and found it impressive as they were offering many options like Telemedicine, Marketplace, PHR(Patient Health Record), Educational videos, etc.

PatientMD helps businesses have online presence and rank well in different search engines by offering them with SEO services and social media postings.

Taking leave for the appointment was a problem for Susan so she scheduled an e-consult with the choice of her dermatologist from the Sun Skin Clinic on the very next day. While traveling to her workplace she made a video call to the physician. Susan got a reminder five minutes prior to the appointment. Susan just loved the telemedicine feature, which aims to offer the patients with a seamlessly engaging and realistic experience.

PatientMD offers Telemedicine services through which doctors can offer consultation to the patients over video, telephone and messaging. The patient as well as the doctor receives five minutes before the scheduled time of appointment.

Based on her PHR(Patient Health Record), the Doctor prescribed a few medicines and advised her to have regular follow-ups. The doctor advised Susan that she can access her PHR anytime and from anywhere by logging into the Sun Skin Clinic web app.

PatientMD helps the doctors access the PHR(Patient Health Record) to provide a better diagnosis.

Also, the doctor told her to go through the skin scraping test for further evaluation. Susan explored the marketplace and grabbed the deal for the diagnostic test at a reasonable price.

PatientMD offers amazing deals on diagnostic tests at a reasonable price. The physicians can even share attractive deals with their patients.

Susan was in contact with the doctor through the messaging option and sent the skin scraping test report immediately after getting her reports. The doctor confirmed of a severe fungal infection and advised her a few medications along with her current ones so that the situation doesn’t worsen.

The message feature of PatientMD helps the doctors to remain in contact with patients, support them in case of emergency, and track their daily progress.

The doctor also advised Susan to go through the educational videos through which she can remain updated regarding the treatment process. The educational videos provided a more clear insight abut her medical condition and the treatment she was undergoing.

PatientMD helps the doctors upload videos on various topics, which would be helpful for their patients. They can even share the news with whomever they want to through different social media platforms. 

Now, Susan is a happy and satisfied customer who schedules frequent e-consultations with the doctor!!


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