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PatientMD offers various Patient Engagement Tools like Personal Health Record, Online Appointment Scheduling, Educational videos, Marketplace that empowers patients from receiving the best services in healthcare.


John is a 55-year-old man who was neglecting a few issues which he was reluctant to share with anybody. The problems included frequent urination at night, burning sensation while urinating, and presence of blood in the urine. He consulted with his friends, and they advised him to do an online search.

John decided to perform a Google and Bing search, where he found the list of doctors around him. He decided to choose Sam's Urology Care as it was ranking high on the search results. He visited the website, and by having a glance at the positive reviews on the site, he was quite confident to go with Sam's Urology Care. They even had an excellent online reputation!

PatientMD helps businesses boost their online presence and achieve top rankings through SEO and social media activities.

John found the website very current and comprehensive. He quickly scheduled an online appointment through the site for a day and time that suit his busy schedule. The process of online scheduling was convenient and showed live time availability for booking the slots.

John completed his documentation online like the electronic forms, and different documents were available on Sam's Urology Care website, which he completed. He was relieved as he did not make multiple calls for finishing the documentation. John was amazed to know that the clinic accepted his insurance.

PatientMD helps doctors manage their patient's online appointments effectively, thereby reducing the stress on the patients. Completing the documentation before the visit ensures the doctor to provide quality care and plan the patient's treatment along with maintaining the continuum of care.

After reaching the clinic, the nurses took him directly to the examination room. After his examination, he visited the doctor with the reports. Together they discussed the best course of treatment and path to wellness. John has been prescribed some medications based on his medical reports. The doctor recommended "Telehealth" or "Video Visits" to John for immediate consultations and to review his progress.

PatientMD offers Telemedicine services through which doctors can provide consultation to the patients over video, telephone, and messaging.

All of this began to develop John's Patient Health Record (PHR), which could be made available to his other physicians 24/7. Moreover, all of John's information was HIPAA compliant.

PatientMD helps doctors to access the Patient Health Record from anywhere to aid in better diagnosis.

John also explored the marketplace on the website and came to know about the exciting deals. He was amazed to see different types of packages in one place. John got his diagnostic tests done from there and could even check how much money he saved from the offer. He also shared one of the offers regarding skin tests with his friend.

PatientMD offers fantastic deals on diagnostic tests at a reasonable price. The physicians can even share attractive deals with their patients. The doctor can contact the owner of the deal for more information about the deal. There is also a provision of viewing pictures of the offers in the photo gallery.

As John was recovering, he looked forward to being in constant touch with the doctor. The text and email reminders kept John in compliance with his scheduled appointments. With the help of the messaging facility, he could get assistance anytime from the doctors.

PatientMD helps the doctors to connect with patients through the secure messaging facility to help them in keeping track of the progress in their health. The messages can be in the form of a text, audio, or video.

John's decision to trust Sam's Urology Care resulted in giving him a tension free and better life that he shared with his friends, family, and colleagues. PatientMD helped Sam's Urology Care expand their customer base.


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