Are you suddenly experiencing high patient surge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and unable to cope? Join us for an affordable platform for telemedicine and house call.
Grow And Market Your Practice In The Most Efficient Way!
Grow, Promote, And Market Your Practice In The Most Efficient Way!
Our patients are suffering from the high cost and inefficiency of our healthcare system. Utilization of healthcare services by our patients has decreased partly due to the high cost of care. To compete and grow our practices, we must focus on providing patients services at the best value in a convenient and efficient manner. As a physician led movement, we provide a state-of-the-art and affordable Patient Engagement and Digital Marketing platform to assist our physician community in competing against inefficient and high-priced competitors.
Improve the patient experience with patient engagement solutions.
price transparency
Digitally market your practice and provide price transparency.
Leverage the marketplace to promote your services as a great value for patients!
patient engagement
Improve the patient experience and patient engagement.
Digitally market your practice to expand the reach and growth of your practice.
practice efficiency
Improve practice efficiency and watch your practice grow.
Services Critical To Your Practice!
services can be integrated into your website and marketed to attract and engage new patients to accelerate the growth of your practice.
Telemedicine Consult With Your Patients Over Secure Video, Audio or Text Chat!
  • Telemedicine made easy and affordable to engage new and existing patients.
  • Earn more revenue and consult with new patients in real time.
  • Provide online times for your new and existing patients to schedule a Telemedicine consult.
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appointment manager
A User-Friendly Appointment Manager For Setting Up or Changing Your Schedule At Any Time On Any Device
  • Organize your online schedule for both clinic and telemedicine appointments
  • Integrate your online schedule with your EHR.
  • Make scheduling at any time simple and convenient for new and existing patients.
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Promote Your Services And Products On The Healthcare Marketplace
  • Increase your revenue by expanding your market for your services and/or products.
  • Attract more patients with more affordable services over hospital services.
  • Post service deals for the day on open appointments slots to maximize capacity and revenue.
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Improve Office Efficiency By Providing PHRs To Your Patients
  • Easy sharing of patient information from sources outside your practice.
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant to interoperate with your EHR.
  • Meet government regulations to privately and securely share medical records from your EHR with your patients PHR.
  • A well defined networked EHR system in complete sync with the doctors EMR.
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Messaging And Reminder Services For Your Patients
  • Improve the patient experience with secure SMS like messages.
  • Utilize our automated reminders to reduce no shows.
  • Stop the phone tags and communicate patient results through secure messaging with attachments.
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educational videos
Upload Your Videos For Your Patients
  • Improve the patient experience with your shared educational videos.
  • Optimize your search rankings with your videos.
  • Expand your expertise to attract new patients with educational videos.
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Read The Latest News From The Healthcare Industry
  • Stay connected with the latest news from around the globe.
  • Incorporate latest news into your website to further attract patients to your practice.
  • Get updated on latest drug discoveries and clinical trials.
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website development
Receive a customized website to boost your business
  • Enhance your content with top designers and developers giving a boost to your brand marketing
  • White labeling of our services into your website to attract new patients and maximize your digital marketing capability.
  • Mobile responsive website incorporating the latest technology.
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search engine optimization
Receive Top Search Engine Rankings For Your Practice
  • Our highly experienced SEO professionals will optimize your website for top search engine rankings.
  • Leverage our Social Media Marketing experts to expand your organic reach and attract new patients.
  • Receive monthly reports and analytics on your website traffic.
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Join The Community And Engage With Patients On Topics Of Interest To You!
  • Our healthcare specific social media platform connect you with new patients in your area.
  • Market your knowledge and expertise via conversations on topics specific to you practice.
  • A powerful and free marketing tool to grow your practice and increase your revenue.
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doctor's network
Connect With Doctors Through The Doctor's Network!
  • Connect with colleagues in your own specialty and share information on growing your practice.
  • Post conversations on any topic to view thoughts from many of your colleagues.
  • Expand your personal network and expand your referral business.
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Seamless Digital Patient Referral Process
  • A powerful tool to keep a track of the patient referrals throughout the care continuum.
  • Improve and streamline communication among specialists and primary care physicians involved in a patient's care.
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All The Services Provided Are HIPAA COMPLIANT
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Get Onboard with Us in 3 simple steps!
Download our Doctor App and create your account
Complete your doctor profile with the mandatory details
Download our Business App, login with the same credentials and complete the business profile
Once both your profiles are completed and certified, you can add representatives, create appointment slots, promote your services on marketplace and much more!
download apps
Download our app
  • Digitally market your practice/business and provide price transparency
  • Improve the patient experience and patient engagement
  • Increase your practice efficiency and watch it grow
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