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Consult your patients in real-time over secure video, audio, or text chat
  • Outperform even the toughest competitors from day one by leveraging our next-generation TELEMEDICINE facility
  • Engage better with your patient community; attend people around the world, anytime, anywhere; flourish globally
  • Our technology and business practices are among the strictest ones followed in advanced healthcare markets
A feature-rich and easy-to-use yet minimalistic and resource-optimized appointment manager
  • Organize both your clinic and telemedicine bookings with this highly intuitive APPOINTMENT SCHEDULER
  • Receive personalized REMINDERS, i.e., text messages and emails every time a scheduled visit approaches
  • Your appointments are synchronized in real-time to view them in your default calendar application
Promote your products and services on the PatientMD platform
  • Create your products and services with deal-genie on our virtual MARKETPLACE for your patients
  • It essentially offers you an additional and sustainable source of revenue in the long-term
  • Your products and services can be purchased on an annual, quarterly, or monthly subscription basis
Communicate and follow-up with your patient community easily and securely
  • Use our state-of-the-art, secure messaging tool to attend your patients, anytime, anywhere
  • Send and receive attachments through this nifty utility and significantly increase your work-efficiency
  • The safety and privacy of your and your patient’s data are ensured with HIPAA-COMPLIANCY
Access the health records of your patients over a secure platform
  • Access the clinical records of your patients quickly and safely through PHR INTEGRATION
  • Offer the patient community an enhanced user experience by integrating your practice/business with us
  • Our security protocols are among the most stringent in the global healthcare industry
Upload your videos to let the patient community know more about your products and services
  • Upload informative multimedia content and provide your patients with a unique experience with EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS
  • Steadily increase quality web traffic, accelerate conversions, and extend your market outreach with video-blogging
  • Retain your existing patients and grow your practice at a fraction of traditional marketing overhead
Read the latest news from the US healthcare industry and across the globe
  • Stay connected with the ongoing strides and advancements in the global healthcare industry
  • Get updated about the most impactful drug discoveries, healthcare inventions, clinical trials, critical disease treatments
  • Learn about the present and emerging trends in healthcare that may affect you directly
Super-affordable, 100% worry-free, and fully-customized website development
  • Our experienced and qualified developers will create an aesthetically appealing and functionally versatile website
  • Latest technological implementation with Scala, AngularJS, Ionic, CSS, JS, HTML5, etc.
  • With agile web design, break-even and get the highest ROI much earlier than others
Reign the search engine rankings
  • Our qualified and experienced SEO professionals will optimize your website for top search engine rankings
  • Our online marketing experts will prepare the most appropriate strategy to expand your organic reach
  • We will manage everything; on-page/off-page SEO, digital marketing, content development, social media

All The Services Provided Are HIPAA COMPLIANT

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  • Digitally market your practice/business and provide price transparency
  • Improve the patient experience and patient engagement
  • Increase your practice efficiency and watch it grow

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