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Becky, 44, working as a nutrition assistant observed sudden changes in her health. Of late she started feeling extremely fatigued barely working for 8 hours a day. She started to worry more and more owing to her increase in her weight for the last couple of months despite no change in her eating habits. This continued for a few days till one day she became so tired after coming back from her job that she missed a party of an office party because of her over sleeping. This is when she started to panic regarding her health and discussed the issue with her husband.

Her husband suggested consulting a doctor. She was not sure how to proceed as she had recently moved to the city and had no idea about any clinics or doctors in her locality. The first instinct was of course to do a Google and Bing! search for “doctors near me”. “Dr. Smith’s Polyclinic” popped up on the top search on both Google and Bing.

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Dr. Smith’s Polyclinic had a great online reputation with positive patient reviews! Plus, the search results for the clinic indicated that most patients can be seen within 48 hours. Becky was relieved. 

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She visited the website for Dr. Smith’s Polyclinic to know more about them and she was quite impressed with their website. Becky booked a clinic appointment online with Dr. Smith. After booking, Rachael got a booking confirmation notification via text and email and the same being sent to Dr. Smith.

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On the day of the consult, Becky got a reminder on her appointment. After thoroughly examining her and understanding her symptoms, Dr. Smith referred her to Dr. Taylor, an endocrinologist practicing in the same clinic. Becky was also advised some diagnostic tests which she did from the marketplace on the website in the next few days.

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Her test reports were uploaded in her Personal Health Record (PHR) and she was sent a notification. To interpret the test results, she booked a video tele-consult with Dr. Taylor where he explained to her the test results.

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During the e-consultation with Dr. Taylor, Becky was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. He prescribed a few medicines and advised to consult after a month. 

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Dr. Taylor advised her to her keep him updated in between through the messaging services and advised her to make certain changes in her lifestyle.

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While exploring the website, Becky came across some educational videos. She was very impressed knowing from the videos many facts about hyperthyroidism. She also learned the necessary lifestyle changes she had to incorporate into her daily life to keep this condition at bay. 

PatientMD helps the doctors upload videos on various topics, which would be helpful for their patients. They can even share the news with whomever they want to through different social media platforms.

Becky is relaxed and happy with the whole process !!


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