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Better patient engagement at affordable price is the true essence of Direct Primary Care

Just ask Amy

Although Amy was fortunate enough to be able to access a good physician, the care she received was fragmented and hurried as the doctor visits did not last for more than ten minutes. She already consulted almost half a dozen specialists for diabetes but they were not able to offer satisfactory answers and explanations to all of her queries and doubts.

One day she came across an online advertisement for Primary Care Inc. on both the Google and Bing searches and after reading all the positive reviews about it, Amy decided to give the practice a try. The nifty visit scheduler on the Primary Care’s website confirmed her appointment in real-time by mail and through text message. The automated reminder service also turned out to be immensely helpful for Amy that sent her automated email and text messages a day before the office visit and a few hours prior to the appointment. She found out that the doctor visits could either be booked quarterly or monthly and selected the latter alternative. Amy has all the liberty to schedule every single visit as per her convenience.
She now enjoys and simply cannot think of a life without dedicated medical attention, same-day or next-day visits, unrestricted accessibility to her doctor round the clock over the phone and even conference calls every month between her practitioner and the consultant diabetologist referred by her physician. Furthermore, she can also schedule the follow-ups and video appointments several days in advance with the same online, appointment planner tool. Amy just loves this cutting-edge e-visit feature, which aims to take telemedicine to an unprecedented height and strives to offer the patients with a one-of-a-kind, seamlessly engaging and realistically immersive experience. Also, she did not have to sit in the waiting room on the day of her visit to Primary Care Inc., as Amy remembered to upload online all the forms and reports right after booking the appointment.
She is never short of receiving lucrative deals and discounts from the Marketplace. Additionally, the educational video tutorials greatly helped Amy learn tons of vital information about her medical condition and also how to continue to lead a normal life with it.
It was her first-ever exposure to with Direct Primary Care, often referred as the DPC, which is an increasingly popular, alternative health care model in the USA that offers standard primary and urgent care services along with ancillary services, such as routine x-rays, typical tests, etc. for an affordable monthly subscription fee.
It happened to be a new beginning for Primary Care Inc. as well. By choosing to team up with PatientMD, the practice can now afford to offer engaging care and extended face-time for all its patients. While PatientMD looks after the optimization of the clinic’s operational processes, including PHR integration, and also takes care of the practices’s digital marketing requirements (such as ensuring top ranks in different search engine pages, popularizing the clinic’s services through the social media, and safeguarding the integrity of its positive web reviews written by benefited patients, to name a few), Primary Care Inc. continues to usher a bright ray of newfound hope in the increasingly expensive American healthcare.

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