Are you suddenly experiencing high patient surge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and unable to cope? Join us for an affordable platform for telemedicine and house call.
Transforming the patient experience by providing world-class services to the Physicians
Improving The Patient Experience With Superior Satisfaction!
As a physician led organization, PatientMD is dedicated to assisting the physician and healthcare business community in providing you the services you need in the most convenient and efficient way for the best value in your market.
virtual visit
Connect with your preferred physician virtually, through any device
online clinic
On-line Clinic and Telemedicine Scheduling.
healthcare services
A Marketplace to shop for Healthcare Services.
A Personal Health Record to Avoid Filling out the same forms with every doctor.
Moving Healthcare To A Patient-Centered Industry
Join to interact with our community of doctors focused on improving your experience in receiving the most efficient value-based care.
clinic appointment
Clinic,Telemedicine And House Call Appointment Scheduling
  • Enjoy the convenience of our state-of-the-art appointment scheduler designed to meet your needs.
  • Schedule a clinic or telemedicine visit and even a house call visit!
  • Receive reminders in the form of voice, email or text.

Our Telemedicine services allows patients to visit with doctors online or schedule a visit when it is convenient for you.

  • Helpful for new or follow up visits or to discuss test results.
  • Choose visits in the form of video, audio or text.
  • Schedule an e-visit from anywhere on any device.

Our marketplace was designed to provide patients the price transparency they seek on services and products. As our community continues to grow, the doctors and healthcare business are responding to make healthcare more affordable for you.

  • Search for quality services at competitive prices in your area and beyond.
  • Schedule online appointments for the services you seek.
  • Look for our "Today's Deals" section for special savings on a variety of services and/or products.
Personal Health Record

Do you know it’s your right to have access to your medical records?

Our HIPAA compliant Personal Health Record or PHR allows you to privately and securely store all your medical records across many organizations and office.

  • Securely share your records with your doctors.
  • Avoid the need for duplicating tests when your records aren’t available to your doctors.
  • Reduce medical errors by providing your doctors access to your medical records.

Communicate with your doctors or healthcare businesses in our marketplace for non-urgent matters.

  • Secure and simple messaging in the form of video, audio or text.
  • Add attachments to your messages to share documents.
  • Stop the phone tags with your doctors and receive your test results with secure video, audio or text messages always available for you to review.
PatientMD Community

Our Community was formed to provide patients the ability to share experiences and information with other patients and for doctors and healthcare businesses to share their knowledge and expertise with patients on topics of interest to you!

  • As a patient, you can anonymously engage in conversations in your area and beyond in our local circle.
  • Select topics of interest to you and view all conversations related to your topics in our Topic Circle section.
  • Your "My Post" section provides you immediate access to conversations you have engaged in with other users.
educational videos
Educational Videos

Our educational video section provides you a list of videos on multiple healthcare topics from our doctor and healthcare business community for your education.

  • Share a video with your friends or family.
  • Get to know our doctors or businesses by viewing their videos.
  • Learn about healthcare issues pertinent to you and be proactive in your care.
  • View information from multiple healthcare professionals to assist you in improving your health and healthcare.

View healthcare news from all around the world about various topics from diabetes, heart disease, asthma, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

  • Create your own personal news section on topics or from institutions of interest to you!
  • Stay up to date on the latest treatments for various medical conditions.
  • Learn and participate in the latest clinical trials and research projects.
ask our doctors
Ask Our Doctors

Tired of searching answers for your health-related queries on the web? Instead, consult our experienced and qualified healthcare professionals at your convenience either privately or on a common forum.

  • Have questions for our doctors? Ask them anytime from anywhere.
  • Attach images or documents to better inform our doctors about your questions.
price transparency
Price Transparency

Facing hassles in choosing the best healthcare services at a competitive price? No worries anymore! Our Price transparency feature helps you to know the best prices provided by different health care service providers.

  • Get clear visibility of your desired deals along with the prices
  • Get an accurate approximation of out-of-pocket costs for a given service
  • Choose the most competitive deal nearby with just a click

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