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Online Appointment Scheduling
Our state-of-the-art appointment scheduling utility is not only user-friendly and intuitive but also purpose-designed to offer mobile-responsiveness so that you can utilize it from any mobile browser.
  • Book remote (telemedicine) and onsite (clinic) visits instantly, anytime, anywhere
  • Get useful reminders on multiple occasions over the phone and email
With our cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure, let the technology bridge the gap between you and affordable quality care. Receive a video-consult from the comfort of your home through our secure, buffer-free, multimedia platform.
  • Schedule an e-consult for follow-ups in real-time
  • Book a tele-consult instantly for a second opinion
We are continuously partnering with major healthcare products/services providers and expanding our network so that you can get the best deals and discounts. The Marketplace is a virtual shopping zone where you can subscribe to healthcare products, services, or both on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Do remember to visit this place every week for brand new offers and irresistible promotions!
  • Order routine tests/examinations. x-rays, unlimited doctor visits, and other standard healthcare services from the Marketplace.
Personal Health Record
Free yourself today from the hassles of physically maintaining your medical documents. Our HIPAA-compliant PHR or personal health record system allows you to be in total control of your clinical records. Safely access all your documents in one place and easily share only with the people you want to.
  • Eliminate the need to filling out the same forms with every doctor.
  • Reduce the potential of medical errors and reduplication of tests by securely storing all your medical records and sharing them with your doctors
  • Do you know it is your civil rights to have access of your data and have them directed to any location you desire?
Chat with your doctors through our secure messaging service via text audio or video. Some of the benefits include:
  • Avoid playing phone tag with your doctor.
  • View your doctor messages as often as you wish to remind you what was said.
  • Add reminders for tests or appointments recommended by your doctor.
PatientMD Community
Make new friends, find and join support groups, and be a part of our thriving healthcare community to learn, share knowledge, and extend a helping hand for them who need most.
  • Join a virtual network of likeminded individuals and play a pivotal role in changing lives by facilitating information exchange
  • Enjoy unrestricted access to collective wisdom round the clock and reap all its benefits
Educational Videos
Our educational video section provides you a list of videos on multiple healthcare topics from our doctor and healthcare business community for your education.
  • Learn about healthcare issues pertinent to you and be proactive in your care.
  • View information from multiple healthcare professionals to assist you in improving your health and healthcare.
Receive news from all around the world about various healthcare topics from diabetes, heart disease, asthma, Alzheimer's Disease and various forms of cancer. Learn from some of the leading research institutions across the globe.
  • You can organize your own personal news section-based on topics or institutions of interest to you.
  • Learn about the latest advancements in the diagnosis and treatment on multiple disorders.