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Susan Selects Butler Orthopedic Group

Susan just left work when she receives a phone call from her high school son, John, stating that he injured his knee in football practice. He is able to walk and bear weight, but he is having moderate pain and his knee is beginning to swell. Susan picks him up from practice and notices he was given a brace and crutches and he seems comfortable, so she takes him home to elevate and ice his knee. Susan has never needed an orthopedic doctor and doesn’t know where to take her son.

After a Google and Bing search, Susan came across the Butler Orthopedic Group which showed up high on his search results. His confidence in his decision was supported by the positive reviews that accompanied his search results. The Orthopedic specialists at Butler had a great online reputation…four and a half stars! Plus, the search results for Butler indicated that most patients can be seen within 48 hours. Susan was sold and beginning to feel relieved.

She calls a friend who has used BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUPand was very happy. Susan recognizes the name BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP from commercials and from friends who stated to have used the practice. Susan feels comfortable in taking John to BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP and visits their website. The Orthopedic specialists at BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP had a great online reputation and the search results for BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP indicated that most patients can be seen within 48 hours. Susan visits www.BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC

She is pleased to see she can make an online appointment directly from the website. She doesn’t know who to see so she conducts a search using a number of the filters available. She uses the following filters:

Her search result returned the names of seven doctors that meet her criteria. She can see a picture of each doctor and can select to view their profile/education and reviews from other patients. She finds the doctor that she likes and selects the 7:00 AM appointment. She adds her son’s demographic and Insurance Information and appointment is made. Immediately, she receives a text and email verifying the appointment for 8/30/19 @ 7:00 AM with Dr. Jeffrey Betman. Susan is impressed. Once the appointment is made, a pop up is displayed asking her if she would like to complete the office forms prior to the visit and send them directly to BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP to shorten her wait time before she sees the doctor. Susan completes BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP forms and selects “Send”.

Its 7:00 AM the next day and Susan enters the BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP office. The staff has all her information with the appropriate eligibility and authorizations. Susan and her son are immediately placed in an exam room. The doctor performs a History and Physical Exam followed by an X-ray of the Knee. No fracture is noted. The doctor informs Susan and her son that he probably suffered an ACL injury. The doctor orders an MRI to confirm the diagnosis. Susan has to go to work and doesn’t have time to make an appointment at this time. The doctor informs her that she can schedule an MRI on the website . The doctor also informs her that she can log into the BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP web app which allows her to have her own PHR and access to information from this visit, x-rays, and ability to message the doctor added Video Visit and vice versa where by the doctor can send her a secure video message with the results if he is not able to reach her by phone.

Susan takes her son home and goes to work. While at work, she noticed that she has received a text and email from the doctor at BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP providing a link to information on ACL injuries from the BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP website. She forwards this information to her son. Susan visits the BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP website and selects to make an appointment for an MRI. She searches for an appointment using the following filters:

She notices she can choose a time from this location or the other nearest locations displayed based on proximity. She selects the 6:00 PM time after work. All the demographic and Insurance information is displayed, and the patient is asked to verify/edit the information. If correct, she selects send to forward to the MRI facility. Susan receives a text that verifies the appointment and contains the location, telephone number and direction. In addition, a thank you for choosing BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP MRI is also provided.

After scheduling, Susan saw the special offer that she had never considered or were discussed by her friends. The online Butler Orthopedic Marketplace had special deals and packages that Susan had considered over the years: personalized stretching exercises, joint pain supplements, massage packages and X-ray/MRI services that compared pricing and various convenient locations.

The very moment Susan scheduled the time slot, she was sent an appointment reminder through a customized text, email and phone message. Once he arrived for his appointment, Susan was able to quickly get in and see his orthopedic provider since his medical forms had all been filled out online prior to his visit. Even his insurance was verified and ready to go. He hadn’t seen a single piece of paper or forms to complete. He was impressed with the technology at Butler Ortho.

After a review of his past medical history and his exam, Susan ’s treatment plan was simple and straight forward, but the X-rays and MRI were expensive. All of this was documented in his Personal Health Record (PHR). Once again, the online marketplace came through with very reasonable prices on several imaging centers for his shoulder recovery care plan. In addition, the practice offered online educational videos on the pros and cons of various stretching exercises in his effort to better his mobility. Now Susan was equipped with the information needed should she decide to move ahead with some or the packages listed in the Marketplace. And when she was not sure of what may be best for her, a quick and clear Video Visit with the doctor helped him narrow her choices.

Susan’s whole family are now regular clients at BUTLER ORTHOPEDIC GROUP and enjoy their
return visits for a better, pain free life!


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