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Patient Satisfaction: An effective indicator to measure the success of Plastic Surgeons

How do you market your healthcare practice to add more patients and increase revenue?

PatientMD offers a cloud-based patient engagement tool so that patients have quick and easy access to scheduling appointments, personal health records (PHR), educational resources and more to empower them to be active participants in their care.


Anna is a 19-year-old who is suffering from nasal deformities from birth. Her nose is droopy and has a large bump on the bridge of the nose. She had a problem with breathing as well.

After searching on Google and Bing, she got to know about Dr. Ray Plastic surgery which is ranking high on the search engines. Dr. Ray Plastic surgery had positive reviews on different search engines. They had a great online reputation as well which made Anna relieved.

PatientMD helps you have a good online reputation by offering SEO services and social media postings.

She was highly impressed with the ranking and quickly visited the website for more information. The website had advanced features like online appointment scheduling and messaging which made Anna stay firm in her decision. Anna quickly schedules an appointment and completes the documentation before the visit. Immediately she receives a text and email verifying the appointment on 21/02/20 at 9:00 AM with Dr. Ray.

PatientMD helps the patients schedule appointment online and carry out the documentation online before the visit.

Anna visits the clinic on the day of the appointment. The staff has all her information with the appropriate eligibility and authorizations. So, without having to wait she is taken to the examination room where she is examined thoroughly. After all the examinations are done she visits the surgeon. Based on the reports, the surgeon advises her a rhinoplasty.

The surgeon also prescribed her some medications and told her to take proper care before the surgery. Anna was advised by the surgeon to inform if any emergency arises through messaging.

PatientMD offers messaging feature which helps the patients to be in direct contact with the doctor.

Then, Anna is given a date for her nose job to be conducted. The surgeon also advises her to log into the Dr. Ray Plastic surgery web app and access her PHR anytime and anywhere. The surgeon was regularly assessing her progress online through Anna’s PHR.

PatientMD helps patients access health records anytime and anywhere. PHR is essential for Doctors to assess their patients from a remote location.

The online marketplace of Dr. Ray Plastic surgery had some special deals and packages. So, the surgeon also advises Anna to check the amazing deals on rhinoplasty which were available at a reasonable price.

PatientMD helps the patient grab some exciting deals and also the products in the marketplace. Through the Online marketplace, the physicians can even share any attractive package with their patients.

Anna gets a rhinoplasty on the date specified by the doctor. But Anna had to move to another city after the rhinoplasty to meet her parents so she was not sure about whether she can visit the doctor in person or not. But the surgeon tells her not to worry as they have the provision of Video tele-consults.

As suggested by the surgeon, Anna schedules a video tele-consult after a week so that the surgeon can track the progress of the surgery. Before the video consultation, she gets a customized reminder in the form of a message and email.

PatientMD helps patients have a consultation while sitting back at home with the doctors.


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