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Of the patient, by the patient, for the patient that is the underlying philosophy of concierge medicine

Just ask Fred

It was the next morning after Thanksgiving night when Fred woke up completely fatigued and extremely sick. Must be the previous day’s exhaustion, he thought and as the numbing discomfort refuses to leave over time, he tried reaching his physician but was not able to get an appointment until the week ahead. While Fred almost made up his mind to visit the dreaded emergency room and remain there for nearly an eternity simply to see a practitioner who would not be having the faintest idea about his past medical history, he quickly recalled about Total Medical Care, a concierge medicine service provider that he recently came to know from his coworker.
It was already 9:30 a.m. and things continued to worsen at a pace that could only be said as depressingly fast for Fred. His wife made an instantaneous web search on the best doctors in concierge medicine in Chicago, which returned Total Medical Care on both the Google and Bing searches and a quick skimming revealed many positive reviews about it, particularly about Dr. Douglas. She decided to give it a try and booked a same-day appointment by accessing the helpful visit scheduler on the Total Medical’s website. She instantaneously received a confirmation email and also a text message from the automated system powered by PatientMD and was relieved to know that the physician would be arriving five hours from then.
Dr. Douglas arrived at 2:30 p.m. and after almost an hour of elaborate examination, blood work, et cetera, advised Fred a chest x-ray. His wife fixed an appointment for it the very next day at 9:00 a.m. using the same visit scheduling utility. An additional x-ray was performed a week later for ensuring that everything was going the way they should and appropriate medications were prescribed to treat his viral pneumonia. All these were made possible without the least amount of hassle and because of PatientMD only, an innovation-driven company that attempts to empower both the patients and practices with state-of-the-art-technology and agile business methodologies for making care more accessible and increasingly affordable.
The impeccable assurance of being able to access a highly certified and vastly experienced doctor round the clock is what made Fred and his wife ditch the traditional fee-for-service system and migrate to concierge health care, which is a retainer-centric alternative care model that attempts to address the significant disadvantages of the former by ensuring that every practice on their network are not attending more than a few individuals per month and thus, effectively allowing the practitioner to have more face-time with the people that they are to treat and further increasing the rate of overall patient satisfaction in the process. Additionally, Fred can also choose to leverage the Health Savings Account, more popularly known as HSA, or consider utilizing his insurance carrier for settling the concierge service bills.
Both Total Medical Care and Fred owe it to PatientMD, a state-of-the-art, emerging health care platform that aims to offer accessible and affordable care for everybody. He uses the user-friendly PatientMD portal for scheduling the follow-up visits and video consults. The helpful reminder service is something that Fred has grown irresistibly fond of! The cutting-edge PatientMD system not only sends a text message and email confirmation every time you book an appointment, but also automates SMS and email reminders a day before the visit as well as a few hours prior to it. Fred genuinely enjoys the luxury of uploading all forms and reports at the comfort of own home before visiting his physician to significantly reduce wait time. Furthermore, he periodically browses the futuristic, PatientMD powered Market Place and explores the various deals that are being on offer. For instance, he can order pathological tests at heavily discounted rates, pick up a pack of high-fiber digestive cookies for almost nothing, or purchase a bagful of pranic healing passes at a bulk price.
Fred cannot imagine a world now without concierge medicine service that allows him to be able to continue enjoying all the benefits of primary and urgent care albeit at a much lesser price than what is charged by the traditional fee-for-service practices. Moreover, he can access the Market Place, which is analogous to Amazon, round the clock and throughout the year for subscribing to any product, service, or both that he may find beneficial.
It was indeed an incredibly new beginning for Total Medical Care as well. While the various advantages of evolving into a concierge medicine practitioner were evident, such as way less professional stress and greatly improved work-life balance, Dr. Douglas happened to be blissfully ignorant about how to promote and popularize his services in a radically new ecosystem. Fortunately, PatientMD offered all the technical assistance that he required not only in digital marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, ORM, et cetera) but also for making his existing website mobile responsive and expanding the present patient base by increasing the organic reach. In addition to ensuring that the website of Total Medical Care always ranks top in all major SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages, PatientMD has also played a pivotal role in the facilitation of both PHR and EMR integration, that is, uploading and downloading facility of one’s Personal Health Record and Electronic Medical Record respectively, and thus, aiding the concierge medicine practice accelerate its workflow, reduce OPEX or Operating Ratio, and boost efficiency.

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