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Doug had been dealing with lower back pain for some time, and now began to interfere with his sleeping. This, of course, affected his daily work routine. It was time to find relief. It was time to visit a chiropractor. But which one?

Doug had done a Google search and came across PatientMD and its app that recommended several local choices for the chiropractor that would be best for him. By entering some basic demographic information and his location, he was able to navigate to the best provider for relief.

Doug decided on the Long Beach Chiropractic. Their reputation and reviews were numerous, and Doug felt confident that they would be best for him. They offered special offers for both first time and recurring patients through their Online Marketplace. And, the online scheduling was convenient and showed live time availability for his office visit. No need to make multiple phone calls…and the first step to his relief had begun. Even the Electronic forms and documents that needed to be filled out were available on the Long Beach website.

Once Doug arrived at the Long Beach office, he was immediately introduced to Dr. Azzatori. There they reviewed Doug’s pain points and review of his mobility and it’s effect on his hips and spine. Together they discussed the best course of treatment and a path to wellness. All of this began to develop Doug’s own Personal Health Record (PHR) which could be made available to his other doctors anytime, 24/7. All of Doug’s information was HIPAA compliant.

As Doug’s back pain began to diminish, he looked forward to additional visits with Dr. Azzatori. The text and email reminders kept Doug in compliance with his scheduled appointments and relief protocol. Dr. Azzatori even offered telemedicine visits or “telehealth” to review his progress with everyone at Long Beach.

About three months into his treatment plan, Doug’s pain was almost fully under control. Now he decided to continue on his path to wellness by seeing a nutritionist. Dr. Azzatori’s referral application pinpointed a local practice, Dublin Nutrition. Once again, the ease of online scheduling and the instant availability of his Personal Health Records saved both Doug and the nutrition center time by having all of his healthcare data available.

With the PatientMD integrated web platform, both Doug and Long Beach Chiropractic were able to continuously keep in contact and maintain his plan for wellness and continuing visits to the center.Doug’s decision to select Long Beach resulted in a new, pain free life that he didn’t hesitate to share with some of his friends and co-workers that also had some back issues. PatientMD helped Doug get the relief he needed, and helped Long Beach in growing their customer base in the process.


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