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Managing patient expectations is the key in Pain Management

Just ask Rachael

Rachael, a 32 year old female living in Orland Park with her husband is experiencing mild rashes on her legs along with abdominal pain for a couple of days. She was also suffering from cold and was taking over-the-counter drugs. According to her the rashes and abdominal pain were the result of some allergic reaction from the medication, however even after discontinuing the medicine, her condition worsened and her pain continued. This is when her husband suggested her to have a pain management consult.

Rachael agreed with her husband but was not sure how to proceed as she had recently moved to the city and had no idea about any clinics or doctors in her locality. The first instinct was of course to do a Google and Bing! search for “pain medication doctors near me”. “Orland Pain Management Experts” popped up on the top search on both Google and Bing.
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She visited the website for Orland Pain Management Experts to know more about them and she was quite impressed with their website which was not only easy to review but also had all the information required to make her decision. The website has advanced features like online appointment booking and live video conferencing which made Rachael more interested in consulting with them..
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Online, Rachael booked a clinic appointment with Dr. Richard Williams who practices at Orland Pain Management Experts. Dr. Williams had the highest rating with maximum positive reviews! He also had positive Google reviews. This made Rachael confident about the doctor. After booking, Rachael got a booking confirmation notification via text and email. The same notification was also received by Dr. Williams and this upcoming appointment was listed on his dashboard.
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On the day of consult, Rachael got a reminder on her appointment. Dr. Williams are very patient in listening to her problem. After analyzing her symptoms, doctor informed that she has Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP) which most commonly occurs in winters which develops following a viral infection such as common cold. The doctor prescribed her an anti-inflammatory medication and recommended to get a urinalysis done. Rachael came to know that center also offers laboratory testing services and had special offers on urinalysis. She made an appointment to get the test done. Simple.  
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Her test reports were uploaded in her Personal Health Record (PHR) and she was sent a notification. To interpret the test results, she booked a video tele-consult with Dr. Williams where he explained her the test results. Rachael stated that even though her symptoms worsened the first day of taking the medication, her condition has began to improve. Rachael is satisfied with Dr. Williams and the whole process where she could avail all the services from a single platform and gave the business 5-star rating on Google.
PatientMD allows PHR integration with clients where the patient is in full control of his data as to what he wants to share. The PHR combines 32 resources modules where the patient can segregate data in terms and medications, allergies, lab results and many more.

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