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What Our Patients Say
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Telemedicine helps the care providers to access, diagnose and prescribe appropriate course of treatment through video visits.
No, the patient does not require to visit or meet the doctor in-person before a video consultation.
Not at all, telemedicine is very easy to use as other familiar modern applications. Patients with a basic familiarity with online apps should be able to quickly figure out how to use a Telemedicine application.
Video visits can suffice in cases where a physical examination is not required, such as:
  • Minor urgent care
  • Follow-up visits
  • Review of laboratory, test, or imaging results
  • Medication adjustments, discussions, or refills
  • Remote management of chronic health conditions
  • Specialist referrals and counseling services
  • Treatment plan consultations
  • Reduced ancillary expenditure and time in comparison with an in-person visit
  • Greater convenience
  • Easier access, hence, the recommended course of treatment can be better complied with
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Less absence time from work
  • Better work/life balance
  • No need to meet potentially contagious patients
  • More privacy
Visits that need a physical examination for proper diagnosis.
  • Tablet, smartphone, or laptop
  • Strong mobile or wireless data connection
  • Active PatientMD account
  • Get prepared ten to fifteen minutes prior to the visit
No, you will be charged only when there is a confirmed visit, that is, the visit has occurred.
Yes, it is fully safe and secure as it is conducted using an encrypted platform that is specifically designed for the purpose.
No, we do not record the patient visit videos for your comfort, as placing a camera while an in-person appointment is in progress would similarly feel awkward.
You can restart the telemedicine session by revisiting the link that you have originally opened. Your video session will not officially terminate until initiated from your care provider’s end.
Wifi is not required by highly recommended. You just need to connect to the internet, so if you do not have Wifi at your place, you will need a mobile device with active internet on it.
Yes, PatientMD maintains the highest standards of security to ensure all patient data is safely secured and adheres to all HIPAA requirements.
Decades of research have confirmed the quality of telemedicine as a method of delivery of healthcare. Telemedicine is a reliable, cost-effective and convenient way of delivering health care.

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