Are you suddenly experiencing high patient surge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and unable to cope? Join us for an affordable platform for telemedicine and house call.

Promotion Plans

No upfront cost. Everything monthly billing. Minimum 1 year agreement. Appointment-based pricing

Appointment Clinic, Telemedicine & Marketplace

$0.50 / appointment

₹30 / appointment

(Maximum $300 /month /doctor) (Maximum ₹20,000 /month /doctor)

Purchases Telemedicine and Marketplace

10% transaction

By joining the PatientMD community, you will receive your own personalised marketing platform and patient engagement solution for your practice.

Additional Services - Website Development and Digital Marketing

  • Fully Mobile Responsive Website - CUSTOM Homepage Design

    • Content Creation (up to 1 marketplace page, 1 educational video page, 1 news section page, up to 10 procedure pages, 1 location page, 2 doctor profile pages, up to 6 personnel pages, and other pages for out-of-town info, downloadable patient forms, insurance accepted, product pages, etc.)
  • Build a Strategy for your practice by improving the Patient Experience and Engagement with:

    • Online Appointment Scheduling embedded into your website.
    • Telemedicine (if desired) embedded into your website.
    • Marketplace – Post your prices for selected services with an integrated payment system to eliminate your accounts receivables and compete against the high cost of hospital services. The client will be charged a 5% transaction fee on any goods and services sold on PatientMD marketplace.
    • Messaging Provide HIPAA compliant text, audio or video messaging with your patients.
    • News Section posting news around the world on topics of interest to your practice and attract more patients to your website and improves SEO ranking.
    • Educational Videos (Linked with your YouTube channel, our new tagging system to automatically links your videos to specific pages on your website.  You provide videos and we'll get them on the right pages).
    • Personal Health Record (PHR) Provide your patients a PHR that allows them to access their health records from multiple providers that can be shared with your practice and improve practice efficiency.
    • Notifications Either broadcast or selective send notifications for appointments, annual visits, required lab testing, birthdays and latest service offering from your practice all based on rules defined by your practice!
    • Create your own Referral Network Invite physicians from other specialties to form a referral network on your website to provide care coordination services for your commonly shared patients and compete with hospitals and health systems.
    • Use online bot Sylvie Use our online bot Sylvie on your website to connect 24/7 with chat channels and engage with your patients.
    • Dispense medications You can dispense medications on your website. We manage your medications inventory using our platform. You will have to manage the regulatory compliance.
  • Reporting Analytics including SEO and SMM reports (including an online dashboard to track website traffic, leads and more.  We also offer HIPAA compliant recorded call tracking, monthly consulting and more). We will also work with you to efficiently allocate your marketing budget for paid digital marketing services on Facebook, Google etc.
  • Reputation Management Services (Solicit, Manage, Display Only Your True Reviews)
  • Case Studies (Create detailed before-and-after case studies that interweave to similar cases and automatically connect with your procedure pages.)
  • HTTPS encryption (as secure as your bank,, etc.)
  • HIPAA Compliance and Friendliness
  • Search Engine Proof (we follow all current Google and Bing -recommended best practices and will continue to update our platform for FREE)
  • Future Proof (receive new updates to our platform for FREE)
  • Unlimited Pages After Website Launch (Add pages for Research, Equipment, etc. at no charge)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) - Get found by patients near your practices that are searching for your procedures offered by your practice
  • Listing and Directory Management (tremendously helps your local SEO)
  • Unlimited Page Editing (Editing content on your website has never been easier. Just tell us and we will do it!)
  • Social Media Management (Facebook & Instagram) 4-6 post per week per channel
  • Managed Pay Per Click (PPC) (Get paid for Google and Social Media Ads)
  • Custom Video Production & Podcast We will assist you in doing custom video production and podcast to engage with your patient community.
  • Blog/Content Marketing
  • and more features are coming soon...
Additional Optional Services:

In addition to everything that is already included with PatientMD Full Platform.

Based on the success we've had with our customers; we can help attract high quality patient leads that we can measure and provide through transparent monthly reporting. Our PatientMD platform system gives you the tools to create aggressive marketing strategies, easily manage your online patients’ reviews, as well as create unlimited pages without ever charging you beyond your monthly rate. We also have some really great additions to our platform coming down the pipeline soon, that all of our practices get to take advantage of at no additional charge!

We will assign you Marketing Manager to thoroughly go over your marketing strategy and the website's performance and strategies with you for future efforts to evaluate ROI. 


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